October 29, 2016



From an Orphanage to an Educational institution

Recently, there have been changes in the Rwandan government policy. Orphanages in Rwanda are being phased out and children are being reunited with their extended families or placed in foster homes.  This has caused NCV to change its direction from an orphanage to an educational institution and adopt a new name “Nibakure Community Village”. We have worked very hard and done our due diligence to restructure our organization, thus continuing our vision and mission to meet the needs of our community. We are looking forward to building more than a school.  This is a legacy.  We are planting seeds that will bear fruit and improve life for those we serve and for generations to come. We are asking you to partner with us to turn this vision into reality.



Child Education: there is a huge need of early childhood education.  90% of these children come from extremely poor families who live under $1 a day.  The only existing preschools in Nyamata are for the middle class or wealthy.  NCV wishes to educate the poor children who cannot afford school either for financial struggles or for issues related to long distances between schools and the children’s homes. NCV will start an early childhood program, a model preschool for the poor, in Kanazi, Nyamata, a town of approximately 35,000 people. We will provide a feeding program, qualified teachers, integrated curriculums and involve families.  Every year, our plan is to enroll 50 children starting with 2017 in our preschool program until the first batch reaches 6th grade (P6).  We will be feeding the children with two nutritious meals a day to boost their stunted growth; estimated at 4%.



Adult Education: educating and empowering the members of our community is at the heart of our new vision.  We believe that creating quality educational opportunities for children and adults in the community will have long-lasting effects, further than what we are even able to see now.


Local Community & Women Coop: We work hard to incorporate as much local “man-power” as possible. For example, Nibakure has partnered with a local women’s co-op to complete some of our recent sustainability projects!  Nibakure also employs men to do some of the tasks that require heavy lifting and night work (guards).