Orchard & Greenhouses: Nibakure has invested in four (4) greenhouses, an orchard with avocado, banana, mango and papaya trees. Once we have a consistent yield, the surplus will be brought to the local markets and the funds from the sale will help cover operational costs making Nibakure increasingly self-sufficient.

Outdoor vegetable gardens: Nibakure Village has partnered with Light The Way Church in Cottage Grove, Minnesota to develop outdoor gardens which started in February 2016. The gardens produce onions, eggplants, cabbage, kale, green peppers, cucumber, squash and several other vegetables. During the rainy season, the yield is excellent. The issue is producing anything during the dry season. We are looking for support to dig a well and install a sprinkler/drip system that would help in watering the gardens in dry seasons without paying monthly charges for city water.

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