November 24, 2017

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Rwanda Advisory Board


Eric Kabera – Director

Founder and president of the Rwanda Cinema Center, an organization that aims to promote the country’s film industry. Kabera initially set up the Center as an organization that would train new filmmakers but, since 2005, the center has been better known for organizing the annual Rwanda Film Festival.  The Rwanda Film Festival, nicknamed “Hillywood” due to Rwanda’s nickname of “Land of a Thousand Hills”, is a travelling festival. Due to Kabera’s desire to show the films to as large of an audience as possible, the festival is held not only in the capital of Kigali but the films, especially ones made by Rwandan filmmakers, are also shown on large inflatable screens in rural areas throughout the country. More recently, Kabera has stated that the festival will make a move away from focusing only on the issue of the genocide; rather “other social issues” of modern Rwanda will be explored. Kabera says that he would like to make a comedy.  Partly to help further promote the film festival, Kabera has started a project to build Rwanda’s first purpose-built movie theater in Kigali. The theater has been under construction since at least 2007 but progress is slow due to lack of funds necessary to complete the project.

Paul Masterjerb – Director

Consultant in education management and capacity building in Kigali, Rwanda.  Paul Masterjerb Birungi is a seasoned educationist, distance education management specialist especially in developing countries with challenges in education delivery, capacity building.  He describes himself as someone who he can change lemon into lemonade, always looking at all issues optimistically.  He is also an event management specialist, a seasoned MC and loves his family.  Paul would like to see his children achieve even greater heights as his investment, gets a lot of support from his wife Yvonne, a right choice made 34 years ago.

Sam Dargan – Director

Founder/Owner Great Lakes Energy. Great Lakes Energy is a social enterprise founded by Sam Dargan in 2005. The company is headquartered in Kigali, Rwanda and primarily serves the East African market. The company provides NGOs, hospitals, and schools with optimized photovoltaic systems. The company has specialized in retrofitting existing off-grid PV solar system designs with optimized versions. In the past the company has also provided jobs for training local Rwandans on how to engineer and install these systems. The company also has provided training to other social entrepreneurs learning to operate in Africa. Great Lakes Energy became the distributor for Sun King lamps by Green Light Energy in 2013 allowing it to provide off the shelf sustainable lighting solutions for rural households in Rwanda. In 2014 Great Lakes Energy partnered with Global Bright Light Foundation to distribute sun king lamps to refugees in the UNHCR Kiziba refugee camp in Rwanda.

Chandelle Mutezintare – Director

Born to a humble family of immigrants in Burundi, Chandelle was one of 7 children – six girls and one boy. She was attending the National University of Rwanda when she got married at age 22.

Chandelle is a humble woman who lives her life centered in God. When she’s not working in her business, she enjoys decorating her home; however, her fondest love is cooking for her family. Out of that love of cooking, Chandelle hopes to one day open a restaurant.

Chandelle hopes to add even more products and services to her business in the very near future. She would like to offer spa services such as pedicures, manicures, facials, and massages.